Jitu Utama

Jitu Utama is a fully Malay bumiputera companies registered under the Registration Act 1965, which began operating in September 2019. We has the vision and mission to become the only company that offers services throughout Malaysia and offers a comprehensive service comparable to large companies that dominate this area of ​​work.

Jitu Utama provides a range of measurement services the field between them:

  1. Become a consultant on measurements for a housing project
  2. Perform topographic works of various kinds field, for example for application work land for a land office.
  3. Engineering related work, for example land, ocean and air (drone)
  4. Survey work on new road widening and road projects.
  5. Hydrographic work either ocean or measurement work river.
  6. Pile works either on land (bridge) or on the ocean and the river.
  1. Measurement work for the bridge building process (settings, asbuilt, alignment and so on).
  2. The work of measuring the amount of land for the purpose of project claim and adjustments.
  3. Works involving the use of GPS surveys among others data collection and job prefix data.
  4. We also provide a video drone service as montage for project timings and development processes project (update progress).
  5. Our drone service covers data retrieval the accuracy of the beginning of the work. (Estimation of volume and area
    calculation process). Project prefix work also covers areas work on our drone.
Jitu Utama has a well-organized business plan and will always strive to be a thriving and well-known business from all over Malaysia.

We has also opened offices in Krubong, Melaka and is planning to open branches in all states with the aim of expanding its business throughout Malaysia. With the blessing, determination and cooperation from clients, Jitu Utama is able to realize the company’s vision and mission.

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